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Praise: God's blessing

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  • Praise: God's blessing

    After reading all of the different prayer requests I feel a little awkward about posting a praise.

    Back in August of 2010 God brought an opportunity before me to record an album (of all original songs of mine) with an independent label. After a ton of praying and guidance seeking from friends, leaders, our pastor and ministry friends I decided to go through with it and signed the contract in November of 2010.

    So far the process has been amazing. I have learned so much from it. God has been blessing me in some really cool ways as well.

    Would you pray for me as well? There is a back story to this whole thing that I will save for another time. Pray that God would use this project in whatever way he chooses to. If I break even I'm ok with that. If I don't I am ok with that as well. Whatever God decides to do with this I am really ok with. Pray that people would sense the Holy Spirit as they listen to it as well. It should be out the first part of August.

    Thanks so much for praying for me in this.