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Tornado Recovery - Seeking the Body of Christ

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  • Tornado Recovery - Seeking the Body of Christ

    It's likely that this has been posted somewhere else, so please forgive me if double posting. The death toll continues to rise, but Christ is working in a powerful way through the church communities to reach/help those afflicted.
    The amount of compassion and hope and man-hours that numerous churches have offered is truly inspirational.

    Soooo... calling all prayer warriors!!! Please pray for the people and loved ones affected, pray for all those helping out, and pray for the infrastructure that enables it all. Keep God's graces flowing and help us to bring all to know the power and the mercy of Jesus!!! Amen!

    If you wish to help in any way, here is a link to my local churches relief website, or please give of your time or offerings to the outreach of your choice. Thanks and blessings to all!

    Alabama Tornado Relief | Church of the Highlands
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