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Wireless mics causing interference with video projection

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  • Wireless mics causing interference with video projection

    I'm hoping you can help me. Our wireless mics create lines in our video projection whenever someone is talking/singing. What do you suggest?

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    Does it happen when the video feed is unplugged from the projector but it is just on? if not you can get an inline conditioner for the video feed... if so try a better surge protector on the wireless mic sending unit....and can you move the unit from where it is?...does the projector have a surge protector on it?... DO not have the computer and the wireless sending unit on the same surge protector.
    Start there.


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      Thanks so much for the reply. I will investigate these items. I believe that the projector and the wireless mics are in facts all plugged into the same surge protector. It would be great if the fix were that easy. Thank you.


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        No problem. let us all know what the fix was.


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          problem fixed

          The solution was to purchase and install a filter that plugs between the power supply of the projector and the projector. The filter cost about 150.00 and worked immediately. No more interference.


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            could you send a link to what you bought. i am interested in seeing the solution.


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              The device I used is an RX10-SCS AC surge filter made by JuiceGoose. You can see the item at this link - http://juicegoose.com/product-rx10-scs.html
              We plugged the device between the electrical socket and the ceiling mounted projector and it solved the problem immediately. We ordered the filter from All Pro Sound in Pensacola, FL.
              I hope that helps.