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  • List of loops I've made

    Hey guys, here's a list of about 30 loops I've made. I wouldn't mind sharing them if you want them. The way I do it is I make mp3's and mix the drums right and synths, keys, effects, etc. left. If you're interested in any of them, let me know and I'll explain what instrumentation you need and how we usually play each one.
    Also, I write my loops to be pretty heavy on the electronic side. I don't tend to use loops really as "background", they are fairly aggressive and up front. If you want really synthy stuff, that's what I do. If you want tame and chill, that's not usually what I do.
    Also, my worship band is called This Hope Prevails. Those ones are our original's and you can download the album for free here: http://www.thishopeprevails.com if you want to hear the songs with vocals and guitars.

    If you want to post what songs you guys have made loops for, then maybe we can start swapping songs and saving ourselves some prep time!

    After All - David Crowder Band
    All Creatures - David Crowder
    Alleluia Sing - David Crowder
    Always - This Hope Prevails
    Blessed Be Your Name/Open Water (Thrice) - Matt Redman/My own remix
    Doxology - Mars Hill Version
    The Earth Is Yours - Gungor
    Gloria - Mars Hill Version
    Hallelujah - The Digital Age
    Holy Is Our God - Starfield
    How Deep The Father's Love For Us - My Own arrangement
    How Great Thou Art - The Digital Age
    Jesus Paid It All - Kristian Stanfill
    Lead Me To The Cross - Hillsong
    Lily Of The Valley - David Ruis
    Meteor Shower/My Jesus I Love Thee - My own version of an Owl City/Hymn mashup
    More Than Sufficient - This Hope Prevails
    Never Let Go - David Crowder
    No Other Saviour - Starfield
    Nothing But The Blood - Matt Redman
    Oh Holy Night - Christmas song (In 4/4)
    Oh Praise Him - David Crowder
    Oh Praise Him (Sunsets and Sushi version) - David Crowder
    Old Rugged Cross - My own arrangement
    Our Refuge - This Hope Prevails
    Praise Him - Theroyalroyal
    The Stand - Hillsong
    Sweetly Broken - Jeremy Riddle
    What A Miracle - David Crowder
    With Everything - Hillsong
    Wondrous Cross - Tomlin/Redman
    You're Everything - David Crowder
    Your Grace - This Hope Prevails

    Send me an email if you're interested... stevebirss@gmail.com

    - steve
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    i like your first song at your web site. For The Weary Souls. I haven't listened to any of the others yet. But I will

    Could you build a track for Mighty To Save in the key of C for me?

    I didn't mean to be inaccurate, but I wasn't trying to be precise.


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      Thanks Mike! I actually already have a list of about 10 loops I'd like to get to for my church. It takes me about 5-10 hours per loop depending on how many layers I put into it. Being that I have a family, full time job, church and other music projects, I only get to program one to two loops per month. This list of 30 loops has taken me about 3 years. I'm sorry, but I won't be able to make that loop for you unless it is one that we decide to start doing at our church.
      The next loop I'm going to be working on is After All (Holy) - David Crowder

      Thanks for the suggestion Mike, but I'll have to decline.
      - steve
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        I took a listen to your band and I have to say I was impressed. I've always loved music that incorporates both electronic and organic sounds and your band does this really well.

        I really haven't worked much with loops but I'd love to get used to using them in church. I'm interested in some of the loops you've created. All Creatures - David Crowder, Doxology - Mars Hill Version, Gloria - Mars Hill Version, and How Deep The Father's Love For Us. I'd really appreciate it if you shared those with me . If you use Reason could you let me have the Reason files? And if it's not too much trouble (or if you don't use Reason), MP3 and MIDI would be really cool too.


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          Thanks Words. I don't use Reason and my tracks are made in various ways. I can't give you the midi tracks because I use a mixture of midi, real instruments, software, hardware, samples, etc. Pretty much the only thing I can give you is the stereo mixdown for you to use.
          Just email me and I can start emailing these tracks to you. I can also give you instructions on how to properly use each one. (What instrumentation you need to add to use them live, etc.)


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            Alright, that'll work. I've sent you an email.


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              Hey thanks for doing this, really cool that you would share your own loops. Would it be possible for you to send me The Stand - Hillsong and How deep the fathers love? That would be great.

              My email address is stupot_2006@hotmail.com
              Thanks again.



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                No problem! I'm glad I can help!
                - steve


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                  Hey Steve, thanks so much for sharing your loops. It's a blessing! Could you send me the old rugged cross (interested in hearing your take on it), and also how deep the fathers love for us? Have you finished After all by Crowder? I've been trying to track that one down for a while now. Anyways, thanks again man!
                  My email is jeffreyparker@ssbaptistchurch.com


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                    Yeah, I finished After All, and also made a loop for The Digital Age's version of How Great Thou Art. I'll email you the songs.
                    - steve


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                      I would love to have your loop for "After All" if you wouldn't mind sharing! Blessings! bkiesler[@]brownsvilleag.org
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                        No problem. Sent.


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                          Could you please send me the loop for After All? I would love it in Bb if you can transpose it
                          Thank you and God Bless!!!


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                            No problem, it's sent. Sorry it won't be transposed though. I offer these loops as is. I spend alot of time making them and I don't mind sharing, but I don't want to start taking request's or changing them for people because that just means more time that I don't have. I'm sorry.


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                              I would love "After All (Holy)" Can you send to gwen@dan1132b.org? Thanks!