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    My little church doesn't need much, or have anything, in the area of percussion, but I'm wondering if there is a good way to ease into something like....a djembe? or something a little simpler. I know there are no drummers in my church, but I never expect perfection or even talent, just a worshipful heart. Any advice on easing into this? I'm even willing to teach whomever would like to participate in worship in this fashion some basics.


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    Opinions on this will vary (obviously), but if I was looking at a single hand drum kind of set up, I would look at a cajon rather than a djembe. They're cheap, relatively easy to learn, and will give a more "kit like" experience, both for the player & the congregation. I like the Meinl ones a lot.

    I will say that I also own and play a lot of djembe in worship settings, but I think it's harder to play well & more difficult to maintain for a beginner.
    Eric Frisch


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      I second the cajon. Easy to play and you can get a lot of nice sounds out of them, and some even have pedal-adjustable snares in there for a different sound.

      I've use the cajon, a djembe, a bodhran, congas, even bongos in worship. Any can add a nice flair.


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        That's awesome guys...I actually built a cajon in the past...don't know why I didn't consider this option...I'm happy I signed up for this sight...