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Cure my synth/pad cravings...

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  • Cure my synth/pad cravings...

    Hey keyboard folk,

    I am wanting to make a foray into the synth world. I play guitars, bass, some drums and have fiddled a lot of a piano/keyboard, and am finding that I have a massive craving to create pad and synth sounds for both live and home recording use. I guess I'll just throw a list of nice-to-haves out there and you fine people can guide me.

    1. Flexibility. I am a tweakaholic, and I want to make new sounds with as much freedom as possible.

    2. Polyphony. I am guessing this is kind of a must for really lush pads.

    3. Storable presets. Especially for live use, dialing up the sound I want each and every time is...tiresome. I am a preset kinda dude.

    4. PORTABLE. I don't need a lot of keys and I travel around by motorcycle, so huge and heavy don't cut it. This also means it all has to be in the keyboard form factor...no carrying a rack unit plus controller for me.

    5. Connectivity. It would be nice to go USB into the computer (optional, I can go through my interface if I have to) and have an array of other connection options for live use.

    6. Not blindingly expensive. Think bang for buck.

    I'm probably missing something and a few of you are face-palming. But that's ok.

    PS: My next guitar purchase has 13-pin synth access...other than the Roland GR pedals, is there a way to convert from 13 to 8 or 5 or whatever pins and use the guitar as a controller for a keyboard synth?

    PPS: My access to this forum is totally on the fritz right now, so I apologize in advance if I don't respond in a timely manner.

    PPPS: The options before me so far are the newer Casio XW-P1 and the cheap but discontinued Akai MiniAK.

    Thanks in advance for your guidance!

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    A couple more in the cheap & small but discontinued category:

    Alesis Micron
    Novation XioSynth

    And then of course there are the microkorg & it's siblings. Never could get used to those tiny keys, though...
    Eric Frisch