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Squier Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified- How many use them?

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  • Squier Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified- How many use them?

    Question for the gear-heads

    What are your experiences with the newer Squier Classic Vibe series and Vintage Modified series?

    I picked up a Vintage Modified Jaguar bass ,and it's a nice axe. It plays and sounds better than my Mexi P bass and assembled very good.

    It's been a topic of some instrument forums I follow- these Squiers have garnered the respect of a lot of seasoned players. So do any of you use them, or have tried them?

    A guitar player in my work band picked up a VM Telecaster with an SSH setup, with a humucker in the neck and 2 single coils. He loves it. He doesn't even bring his higher end PRS to practice and only brings it to gigs as a backup.

    The one thing I wish they had is a better color selection. But the Jaguar I just picked up, originally available in black only, added Candy Apple Red, Sunburst, and White to the lineup. I got a red one and it's sharp looking.

    So do any of you have experience with the CV or VM Squiers?
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    I have a Vintage Modified Jazz bass in a sunburst finish and I like it a lot. I don't actually play it a whole lot, as it's primarily my road backup for my Fender, but I love the look and feel of it. Every time I pick it up I wish it got more play. Great deal for the money.
    Eric Frisch