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form of communication to worship team

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  • form of communication to worship team

    How do you communicate the service information to your team? Do you have a form that you send with songs, video cues, etc? And do you send links to song files on YouTube,or on a cloud drive, or just PDFs, or? I'm upgrading from our old way of sending a text with a list of songs and no av info (I know, pretty 19th century). Any advice is appreciated.

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    Hi Stevet,

    We use Planning Centre Online. This software incorporates run sheets, chord charts and lyric PDFs, YouTube videos and onsong files. If there is any extra information to be disseminated, the worship leader normally sends an email to the worship team with extra video links, spotify playlists, key changes etc. during the week before the service.

    At the every least, the band need to know songs, keys, run information eg. are we playing the first three songs as a medley or are we playing only the bridge of Good Good Father? Any other info would be helpful such as the vibe you are looking for or who will be playing the intros or hooks. I personally find a chord chart and audio file immensely helpful (can be mp3 or video).

    Of course, it depends how big your team is and whether they have individual needs or preferences. If you had mostly inexperienced musos, I would be sending heaps of stuff to them. But even the most experienced players need resources.

    Good luck - it can be hard transitioning technological changes!



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      There are a few ways- right now, it's email with who is on that week and a list of songs- new songs have a link to a youtube video and the chord sheet attached.

      In the past, I was on a team that did a Facebook group. New song videos were embedded.

      Planning center is good too- but it's pay-for. Basic plans are $14/month. Planning center can also be used for children's' check in, etc. and has some really great apps, etc. for technologically intuitive users. It utilizes many cool cloud-based features. But depending on your needs and team's tech abilities, it might be like trying to run a Ferrari on a go-kart track.

      The Google suite can work good too- calendar for scheduling (send email alerts), drive for file sharing, etc. and the YouTube app is part of that suite too. Google suite works pretty well with android devices- haven't used it on Apple, but it's in the app store.

      Good luck- change is a challenge
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        Planning Center.
        Practical Worship

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          Thanks all. Our team is small, and won't likely learn anything new to accommodate these changes, so Planning Center is probably out. In fact I need to move them from a text message weekly to email so I can include more information, and I think that will be a challenge! I think I need to develop a form to hold all the information,and email it along with links to videos or practice tracks. I tried sending links to the backing track demos that I had uploaded to our Google drive, but some couldn't figure out how to access it (they're using Iphones). So not sure what to do about that. Maybe a Youtube playlist? If anyone has an example of a form to send out with all the service info on it that would be useful since I don't have one of those yet.



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            We use Planning Center to get the information out. Before that we would email the PDFs and MP3s of the click tracks. In reality, both worked well. Planning Center can be a problem if the worship leader forgets include you for the invite for the Sunday's service--YES, it happens! :-D