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  • Rest

    Is rest important to you?


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    Great thoughts! We must always be aware if we are running on autopilot with respect to worship ministry or are we truly receiving new from the Lord. Rest is so important to our physical and spiritual man as well. Rest renews us and gives us strength to go on. Based on my some circumstances for the last couple of week I couldn't attend and lead worship at my home church and needed to attend another church. The time of just being in the congregation and not leading was such a blessing and a time for reflection and learning and just being filled again to lead. Now, I'm excited to go back to my church and feel renewed again!


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      How vital to be aware of our proneness to burnout and the early warning signals of same. It will sneak up on us if we're not careful.

      I tend to give rest a high priority - probably because of the high-burnout nature of my work. I'm in contact with the pressure points in my activities and thinking. But I'm also aware that it's unusual for others in the church to be so self-aware of their stress levels and triggers.

      A few years back, in bible study, we were asked to draw up a weekly schedule "budget" of the way we spend our time on various activities and how we prioritise things. My husband and I were the only ones to budget in "rest". Makes you think.

      Good thread.