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    Okay, havent posted in a while but need some guidance on something. I'll try to be brief.

    I have been a worship leader before, both paid and volunteer. When my wife and I came to our present church we naturally got involved with the worship music ministry. I eventually began filling in for the worship leader when she needed a break. And it was all great. Then something happened. I play saxophone, prefer the soprano, but dont like trying to shove it into every song. So when the opportunity came to play guitar more I started doing that. Transitioned to electric later and we had a good mix with 2 electrics, acoustic, bass, keys drums etc. Then I was bumped to make room for a member who had left and returned. 2 acoustics didnt make a lot of sense, there was no room in the vocal line for me and again, I dont like trying to shove a saxophone into every song. So I watched the set lists and played when the sax fit. Then i was no longer asked to fill in leading worship. Okay? Now I dont feel like I have a place at all on the worship team. I went from being a "go to" guy, at one time referred to as the 'associate worship pastor' to not being much of a part of the team at all. This has all occurred over the past 2 years. When I ask about it I am told I'm 'not ready'. How do I go from leading to not ready to lead? I have been told I do a good job and I'm regularly asked when I might lead again. It has been confusing. I guess I just dont feel like God would give me a talent and a passion for music ministry and then not let me use it.

    Now, not tooting my own horn (lol), but if I wanted to, there are a handful of churches I could go to and lead worship next week. I do enjoy leading but do realize leading for the sake of leading is not a good thing.

    Any insight or suggestions are welcome.
    Love the Lord your God with all your heart with your soul with all your mind and with all your strength!!

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    I guess I'm interested to know who tells you that you are not ready? Also, if I were you, I would ask that person(s) to clarify in what way(s) you are not ready, and if they are willing to help make you "ready." If they are not willing to help make you ready, then (as my mommy used to say, God rest her sweet soul) some-tin-wong. The first place I was on a team was a place where there was a pretty low glass ceiling. I would NEVER have had the opportunity to lead there, because the worship pastor would not have allowed it. If those in leadership aren't interested in raising up new leaders, and multiplying themselves, then I would look for another place to serve.
    That being said, I'm assuming that you're sure of your call to ministry? If not, stop everything and start praying, and asking God to confirm it through the body.



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      Shahan makes a good point. If you have already had thoughts about leaving this congregation, I would offer the same advice a pastor friend of mine gave me when I went through a rough patch: go back to your CORE values. Pray HARD and find out whether or not your core values line up with this local church. If so, you have a foundation to build on and can work through the nuances of the worship team. Otherwise, God may be allowing uncomfortable circumstances in this season to stir your heart toward something in which he desires your focus. Of course, it's TOUGH! If everything were easy, we would not lean on God so much. Praying for you, brother. Blessings!
      Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
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