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Great is Thy Faithfulness - Jazz Trumpet Arrangement

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  • Great is Thy Faithfulness - Jazz Trumpet Arrangement

    Lately, I feel compelled to compile a trumpet instrumental of some hymns and praise songs that have meant the most to me over the years. My first attempted arrangement is Great is Thy Faithfulness, and I need collaborators! My vision with this song is to have a full jazz band with trumpet as the lead instrument. Right now, the recording is simplistic to provide insight into style and tempo. As additional tracks are added, I may re-record the trumpet to fit the style of the arrangement better. Overall, the album will have a variety of styles. This song will be like a lounge jazz style.

    If you feel led to offer some ideas, here's my collab site:
    Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
    BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com

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    Hello Melanie,

    I'm new to this forum. I've been earnestly looking for jazz style worship music for quite sometime. I am a trumpet player and recently, last 5-8 years, started playing again after getting married, raising a family, etc. I want to worship God with my trumpet. I've been playing the hymns and duets with a couple fellow players but I am interested in more. I found these guys in one of my internet searches; Tabernacle Praise Band at http://tabworship.com/portal/. This is the sound I want to educate myself to play. I'm looking for some big band / jazz style worship arrangements. Any ideas? I found this post and was also interested to know what is happening with your compilations?



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      Hey Dan!!! Thanks for sharing! That's a great site. I heard their version of "In the Garden" which is my mom's favorite hymns. Awesome!!!

      Sorry, I don't know very many bands that do big band/jazz arrangements of hymns. You probably found more than I did. There are a few clips on YouTube of bands doing this as a college project. Other than that, I don't know of any professional bands that do this on a regular basis.

      My compilations are coming VERY slow. My biggest struggle is finding musicians. I can't pay any musicians (many of them want to be paid). So I would love to find musicians with the same heart that I do, and arrange new sounds with familiar songs just because we love Jesus. I also have to revisit which songs to do in the compilation. Of course, copyrighted songs require royalty fees which drive up the cost of the project. So, I'm toying with other possibilities of arranging public domain songs.

      As far as sound, I'm working on uncommon sounds. My husband has an effects board for this guitar. So, I've actually hooked up my Silent Brass system to his effects board and experimented with various effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, grunge, flange, distortion, octaves, etc. It was cool hearing my trumpet sound like something out of a space movie. So now, I've got the wild brain idea of doing all the parts myself using the effects board to help me do the SATB span.

      So far, my compilation is purely experimental and I'm still in the baby stages. Who knows how long it will take, but I'm hoping to have A LOT of fun in the process. Blessings to you!!!
      Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
      BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com


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        I'm excited to hear some of your experimental trumpet + effects sounds!
        Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church .He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.


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          If you ever write parts to some of the modern songs, I would love to see them. We have guitar driven worship but we have a full horn section and no music for s to read and play. The guitars just use chord sheets and we are left with nothing. With some help we could be good.


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            Awesome!!! If you were in my area, I would wanna chat! :-D

            I have trumpet parts for the following songs:
            Approach, My Soul the Mercy Seat (Sojourn)
            Beautiful Exchange (Hillsong)
            Dancing Generation (Matt Redman)
            Desert Song (Hillsong United)
            Faith is Rising (Jonathan David Helser)
            Freedom Calling (Daniel Bashta)
            Furious (Bethel Live) -- NOTE: I'm trying to write a swing version
            God of the Redeemed (Bethel Live)
            He is Faithful (Bryan & Katie Torwalt)
            Holding Nothing Back (Jesus Culture)
            Like A Lion (Daniel Bashta)
            One Thing Remains (Bethel Music from The Loft Sessions)
            Our God (Chris Tomlin)
            You Are Good (Bethel Live)

            Keep in mind, I don't have the parts written down per se. My process is to think of trumpet parts using the recordings, and write the notes down at the time the trumpet parts come in. Nothing is notated on staff paper -- yet. It's just my own personal notes. So, I have a personal method of remembering what to play and when to play it.

            If you do any of these songs, I can record my trumpet parts overlaying the original recordings and send them to you. That way, you can hear my ideas and present them to your brass section. Does that sound like a plan?

            What songs do you play? If there are songs you do that are not listed above, I'm willing to write trumpet parts for them. Just let me know.

            Hope we can work something out. Blessings to you!!!!
            Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
            BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com


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              Thanks! We are doing some Hillsong stuff right now.

              The More I seek You
              Our God is Greater
              Your Great Name


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                Here are some quick tips for the three you listed:

                Our God is Greater
                Have the trumpets replace the string parts. You already have harmonies there, so it should be easy to work with. Depending on how much instrumentation you have, the trumpets may have to be muted to keep them from being overbearing. Straight mutes should be fine. Another option would be the Harmon mutes. They suppress the sound more than the straight mutes, and it adds a little jazzy element to it. If the song is naturally loud, play open of course.

                Your Great Name (Natalie Grant)
                During the verses, the trumpet can play the "piddly" notes the lead guitar is playing in the recording. Then you can change the trumpet parts to what the strings are playing or what the lead guitar is playing. The bridge is really cool. You can play the "Oh" BGVs parts; it would sound awesome with trumpets there. Since this is a powerful song, I would suggest not using any mutes - play open!

                The More I Seek You
                This is a very intimate song. Either play (muted) what the strings are supposed to play or not play at all. It's a soft and tender song, so you don't want trumpets to overpower the intimacy that the song is expressing.

                Hope that helps. It will take some time to listen to every song, hear all the various parts, and decide which parts the trumpets would make a good fit. Many times, it's a matter of experimentation which can be REALLY fun on a worship team. So, I would say have fun with it! Your team may actually become the forerunners to bringing brass back to the "modern" worship team. :-D

                Are there any songs you would like to hear my trumpet parts added??
                Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
                BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com


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                  Yes! Any one you will share. If it fits well with what we are doing I will see if we can learn it.


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                    I just sent you a private message. Hope my recordings can help your band. Thanks!!!!
                    Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
                    BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com