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Beautiful Feet- A song from India.

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  • Beautiful Feet- A song from India.

    We drove up to Agape International and saw the dirty but excited faces. We walked out of the car to find several children jumping in our arms. We were overwhelmed of the love we had just received.

    The summer of 2009, me and nine other people took a trip to Hyderabad India. We set out as music team but we became so much more than that.
    During our stay in Hyderabad, we visited an HIV aids children’s home consistently once a week. While spending some time with these children we grew attached to them. We had felt like God sent us as brothers and sisters. There was this urge of wanting to be held and a constant touching of their soft hands up on ours. We knew we were there for a reason.
    As we visited frequently, we had to throw away our selfishness and not care about how filthy these kids were. We knew were sent there to love them, for they did not know what love really looked like.
    By the end of the trip, me and my team ended up getting lice from all of the children, but we found joy and humor in it, for we had learned of what unconditional love really meant. It meant, we had to get down into the mud and lay our lives down for someone else. To put others before ourselves. To love when others wouldn’t.
    As we said our goodbye’s, we couldn’t help but have tears in our eyes, for our hearts were broken to know these kids did not have a bright future. Throughout this time, spending moments with the kids and noticing there dirty hands and feet, I kept hearing the words “Beautiful Feet” over and over again. I went back to the place we were staying, pick up my guitar, and wrote a worship song. The chorus sings “How beautiful are the feet who carry the cross for all to see, I will go wherever you send me”. This song stems from the verse Romans 10:15.
    People often ask me, “Where does this song come from?”
    Well, this is the story.
    We are the chosen disciples of God. We have the feet to press on and walk into His light, to carry His good news. God has called every single one of us to be vessels and to carry His cross for the dying world to see. Wake up and walk into Christ’s unconditional love, because we all have dirty hands and feet, but we are found beautiful in Him.

    Beautiful Feet Lyrics:
    ” How can they call on who they dont believe?
    Who can believe if they have never seen?
    I will go wherever you send me.

    How beautiful are the feet

    That carry the cross for all to see

    I will go wherever you send me

    How can they love him who they wont receive?
    How can they trust in the one who will redeem?
    I will go wherever you send me.

    We will show your love
    We will be your people
    Send us to the darkness
    To shine on!

    I will go.”

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    Heart-warming, yet challenging story. And the words to the song tell the important but neglected command from Jesus to go into all the world and tell the good news.

    Is there a link to the song so we can hear it?


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      Hey, I am so glad the story touched you. Please take a listen to the song on my facebook page under "bandpage".
      I hope you enjoy. Thank you for the warm welcome to TWC.

      Here is the link:


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        Heartwarming indeed. Oh, if we could be His body indeed and share His unconditional love. Great story and great lyrics. Thanks for sharing Will.


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          Wow, Will. This is awesome! Powerful words and powerful music. Blessings to you, brother!
          Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
          BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com