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Baptism Songs? By Wednesday?

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  • Baptism Songs? By Wednesday?

    Yes, I am fully aware that this is last minute.

    A married couple/members at our church has a grown son in the US Coast Guard. Any time he is in town, he attends service, participates in bible studies, etc. Praise God, he has made a profession of faith and will be baptized the next time he is in town!! Oh yea, the next time he is in town is THIS WEDNESDAY. As in 2 days.


    We are pulling together an impromptu service on Wednesday night to celebrate the start of his Journey. I am having a complete and total mental block on song choice. We typically use "Been Through the Water", but our preacher usually sings it - and at this point there is not anyone else available to learn that one by Wed.

    Any suggestions on songs that would be great to accompany a baptism? We'd like to work to make this small, service special and memorable before he ships back out on Thursday. Something he will remember as he is out serving in a hard life.


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    If you have a copy of the Celebration Hymnal, there is a song called "Baptized in Water" to the tune of "Morning Has Broken," which was a popular song 20 or so years back.
    I can't think of any contemporary songs that speak to baptism.


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      The River by Brian Doerksen


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        Down to the River to Pray - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbgfQ48hWuY


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          Happy Day by Tim Hughes
          All Who Are Thirsty by Brenton Brown
          Jesus Paid It All
          Nothing But the Blood by Matt Redman
          O the Blood by Gateway
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            We had a baptism Sunday this past weekend at my church...our setlist below.

            New Day
            Godís Grace
            My Chains are Gone
            My Deliverer
            God You Reign
            I Am Free
            Practical Worship

            Please Pray For My Wife


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              Thanks guys! This was VERY helpful!


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                I know it is to late to help Jennifer, but to those who read this thread in the future... consider "I Was There To Hear Your Borning Cry."