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Heaven's Praise: a Review

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  • Heaven's Praise: a Review

    Heaven's Praise is the second of author Dwayne Moore's Bible Study books, coming after his well-received study book, Pure Praise.

    While Pure Praise was aimed toward those in worship leadership, Heaven's Praise is meant for any believer who desires to one day hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

    Built around the passage in Matthew 25:14-30, generally called "the Parable of the Talents," this six week study explores how we get from where we are, to becoming a person who will hear those words of blessing at heaven's gate. Each day's lesson builds upon the previous lesson, and includes space to respond to the lesson with a daily response and daily meditation.

    We were taught to Think Right, Aim Right, Act Right, Stay Right, End Right, and Win Right. And all along the way were hundreds of scripture passages and insightful quotes from many sources, skillfully woven together by Dwayne's God-given wisdom and easy-to-follow writing style.

    I highly recommend Heaven's Praise for anyone who cares enough about their walk with God to realize that there is room for improvement. If you have "arrived," this book isn't for you, but if you struggle with consistently being who God intends for you to be, and need some solid, scriptural help to get out of your rut and into obedience, then this study is what you need.

    Tom Kline