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Is anyone using "Proclaim" software???

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  • Is anyone using "Proclaim" software???

    Hey all,
    I just heard of this "Proclaim" program. http://proclaimonline.com/ It sounds like mediashout/churchplanningonline mixed together. Has anyone tried it out? All of the worship team can work together, in the cloud, from separate computers, both PC and mac, and prepare the visual presentation for sunday morning. Sounds incredible. Wondering if its tested and effective.

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    Haven't used it but have been tracking it. They keep extending the free preview period which tells me they are probably having trouble getting users. I think they sold to Logos as well. Anyway... best I can gather is that it is good for the smaller church with no centralized tech/production support. Everyone can contribute and edit.

    At our church we use Planning Center & ProPresenter in all three of our rooms and ProVideoPlayer as well in main. We collaborate on plans in Planning Center but I don't want multiple people contributing to what goes on the screens. There is a level of quality control that we don't want to lose.

    I guess that didn't really answer your question but I didn't want your thread to go unanswered entirely.
    Travis Paulding,
    Production & Technology Director, St. Simons Community Church


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      We were just deciding on what presentation software to use, and even though Proclaim made the short list, we ended up voting it out. Too new, several tech support related posts on their Facebook page, etc. For something so mission critical, I just don't want to be a guinea pig.

      Great concept though. As long as your contributors are mature enough to not mess with stuff just for kicks, I could see it working well.


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        There a thread on this with some really good info.. If you do a search for proclaim it should show up