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  • Songs for Communion

    So I know depending on your denomination or location you may do communion/Lord's Supper/Eucharist/etc. a bit differently. We just made a move to doing communion from monthly to weekly.

    So I'm curious, what songs do you play before communion, during communion, after communion, special songs to set it up, congregational songs to sing together?

    Some I've done:
    Tasting Forgiveness - RSB - "special" song played and sung lightly as congregation is partaking communion
    Nothing but the blood - Redman - congregational song before or after
    Mighty to Save - Hillsong - congregational song afterwards
    Remember Me - Ginny Owens? - "special" song

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    I am very excited to hear you are doing communion weekly. I think churches who dont are really missing out...but thats a side note...anyway..
    here are a few.

    May the words of my mouth
    - Tim Hughes
    Communion Song - ME. lol...its on the VIRB site
    Center - Charlie Hall
    Offering - Baloche
    How deep the fathers love for us - Townened
    We Fall Down - Tomlin
    Enough - Tomlin
    Above all- Baloche/Leblanc
    Amazing Love - Billy Foote
    Above all else - Vicky Beeching

    The Wonder of the Cross - Beeching
    In Christ alone -Getty
    Everlasting God - Brenton Brown
    Shine Jesus Shine - Kendrick (i do this song really slow way up on the neck with a cut capo in G...really revives this one)


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      More Choices

      Hey, great topic. The communion service is something our church has been rethinking lately. I don't want to give the impression that the depth of the death of Christ isn't important but sometimes a communion service can feel like a funeral. If you know what I mean. This thought has brought up the question, "shouldn't we also be rejoicing?" And with that question in mind our song choice has changed some. Not necessarily in topic but for sure in mood and attitude. We might use the same songs but the whole perspective has become lighter and with more joy attached to the gratefulness we have toward God for sending His Son.

      Here's a short list of songs we have used during various parts of the communion service, apart from the usual suspects.

      On the Third Day - Matt Maher
      Communion - Todd Agnew
      Yes I Will- Bebo Norman
      Grace Like Rain - Todd Agnew
      King of Glory - Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves
      Beautiful Wounds - Jan L'Ecuyer
      Arms Open Wide - Rita Baloche
      The Bread Has Been Broken - Jeff Deyo & Anadara Arnold
      Lead Me to Calvary- Don Chapman
      Jesus the Righteous One - Danny Donnelly


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        I recently found an old hymn called Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted. Our last communtion service (we still do our's monthly ), we did the first three verses, which focus on Christ's death, before we distributed the elements, then the last verse, which discusses what His death accomplished, after we've taken the elements. It actually worked out pretty nicely. If you read the verses online you'll see what I mean. I'd recommend 2 verses, bread, another verse, wine (or juice), then the last verse.


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          Here are some of the songs that we've done during communion (which we do weekly):

          God and Man at Table Are Sat Down - Rev. R.J. Stamps
          Come to the Table - Claire Cloninger
          Let Us Break Bread Together on our Knees - Traditional Spiritual
          I Am the Bread of Life - Sr. Suzanne Toolan
          Remember Me - Gerrit Gustafson
          Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross - Fanny Crosby
          O Mighty Cross - David Baroni

          My favorite song to do, though, is "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence," which is actually a translation of a Communion prayer from about 1700 years ago.

          Note: there are some people who have a theological problem with singing songs that are written as if God is the one singing; if anyone in your church has difficulty with that, you might want to avoid "I Am the Bread of Life."

          To tell the truth, if it were up to me, I'd opt for either silence or choir songs during communion, so as to give people an opportunity to pray and meditate without being bothered with having to sing. I think I'm in a distinct minority though


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            My church has doesnt really do the regular song and prayer before the bread and juice thing, useually i just strum a little, but sometimes i sing:

            Nothing but the Blood of Jesus (traditional style)
            Jesus Blood (Delirious)


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              At my old church, if anyone even THOUGHT that they saw a communion thingy, they would bust out into the old Hillsong Classic "Jesus, You're All I need."


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                Darren -

                Hey - your last line is great, and maybe you're onto something. Why do we always feel like we "have" to be doing "singing songs". I'm a Worship Leader, but I'm also a very passionate about instrumental music, have recorded 3 albums (instrumental) and only 1 album (live worship) ... and I'm working on instrumental #4.

                I think Darren was right on ... maybe sometimes instead of singing ... we should allow folks to receive the elements in silence, or with soft, flowing instrumental music. Encourage our people to come, prepare, receive, and reflect ... with the soft music in the background.

                I suspect God would speak to us and reveal Himself to us in ways we couldn't appreciate or hear if we're always communicating back in singing ... and not listening.
                Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
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                  Right on

                  Yeah, right on, singing songs doesn't have to happen before/during communion. I'm all for changing things up! Which is why I started this thread. I can do the silent thing and instrumental thing pretty easy but it the times now that I need to play that need some things to change up.

                  Although the choir thing won't happen! HAHAHAHA. I don't use a choir

                  These ideas have been great everyone! Thanks!


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                    Fred, I think next time we have communion, I'll just have Quiet Times vol II spinning in the background, lol. I found about fifty of those things in the youth closet the other day.


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                      Ben, that's hilarious! Actually, if they are the real CD .. I need'em! They are out of print.

                      We had communion today ... during communion we sang:
                      Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear)
                      Draw Me Close
                      Consuming Fire
                      Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer/Worship Leader
                      blog: www.fredmckinnon.com

                      Please check out my piano/instrumental music at:


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                        I looked again just to make sure. THere's one Quiet Times vol. II and about five "Men of Faith" CDs and another five or six of Kim Marshall's first worship CD.

                        Okay, so I exaggerated. Sue me. Actually, don't. I've got enough going on right now.


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                          I'm intrigued...what are these "Quiet Times" cds???


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                            I suggest "thank you for loving me", the David Crowder version. Maybe not during communion but as a lead up to it.
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                              I've used Communion by Third Day a few times.