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Day 5: Week 1 Pure Praise Study

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  • Day 5: Week 1 Pure Praise Study

    So today marks the last day of our first week together. What a privilege to share in this online study group with those of you who have journeyed along with us each day. I challenge you to stay faithful until the completion of this study!

    If you miss a day or two, don't worry and don't drop out. Just pull up your chair, it's probably still warm!

    Along with today's regular 3 posts (central passage, daily praise, daily surrender) I'd love for you to share a section about this first week as a whole.
    • What are some things that just jumped out at you?
    • What was your favorite day?
    • Which day was most challenging to you?

    True Worship Changes Us

    1) Central Passage(s):
    • 2 Chronicles 20:2-4; 17-19
    • Psalm 73:2-14; 18-28; 15-17 (in that order)
    • Isaiah 6:5-8
    • Psalm 63:2

    2) My Daily Praise:
    Psalm 63:2 - Can you remember a worship service or personal quiet time that God gave you a glimpse of His glory? How did it affect you?

    3) My Daily Surrender:
    What has God revealed to you that you need to confess or commit to him?
    Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church .He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.

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    It has been a great first week. I had a couple busy days earlier this week, but was able to keep up with the book part of the study, I just need to get on here and continue the threads. Last time I didn't make it all the way through, so my prayer is that I would stay with it this time. This is a fantastic study on worship and I look forward to how God is going to change my life and ministry through it. I'm so thankful for technology and that we all can virtually pull up a chair and go through this study together. This is definitely an instance where technology is making a difference and being used to advance the kingdom of God.

    Central Passage

    I absolutely love Isaiah 6. I hope every worship leader would. Here Isaiah got a glimpse of what worship will be like in heaven. Though I think it has great implications and encouragement for our times of worship here on earth. We know that God is present with us and we've come into the sanctuary of God. We must confess and focus on Him. Let God come and touch our hearts as we worship Him on Sundays and throught out the rest of the week. Ultimately we just need to refocus on lives and especially our heart on Him.

    My Daily Praise

    The worship service that has had the greatest impact on me was from this past years All About Worship Retreat. I came into that retreat completely burnt out and just kind of in a low place spiritually, not all that excited about ministry. I left that retreat rejuvinated and it reignited a fire within me. The retreat and the times of worship reminded me that God was still there and rooting for me. All I had to do was refocus my life and heart on Him. Let me share something I wrote on my blog about this time of worship.
    He [Dwayne Moore] also shared a personally story of a family from his worship team who had a young boy who battled and beat cancer in his leg on two different occasions. Then he said after that he was diagnosed with leukemia and this time he did not win that battle. He told us that the faith of that family during this huge trial was amazing and how they had asked the worship team to play, and ultimately to worship, at the memorial service. One of the songs they asked Dwayne and the team to do was Blessed Be Your Name. Dwayne said that an amazing thing happened as the team reached the bridge of that songs, "You give and take away, You give and take away, my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be Your name!" At that point the father stood up with his arms reaching out towards heavens. What an awesome thing to hear. At that point Michael Farren came up and led us in an absolutely awesome time of worship. He transitioned straight into that song. The presence of the Lord was huge in that room at this time. It has been a long time that I have been that moved during a time of worship. We had a very moving time of worship, confession, thanksgiving, and prayer for one another. One of the times I will remember the most from the retreat. Thanks to Dwayne and Michael for following the Spirit's leading even though it meant changing everything they originally had planned.
    My Daily Surrender

    Lord, I confess that I try and do way to much on my own and not looking to You and Your strength and power to help. Especially when planning times of worship through song for Sunday morning. Lord, I pray that You would show in a mighty way this Sunday. Open my heart to truly see that all I need is You. Change my life and my focus on ministry back to You. I desire to be Your hands and feet. Amen.


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      Central Passages:
      Dwayne Moore makes a keen observation with Psalm 73. Asaph totally changes his tone in speech as soon as he begins worshiping. His focus shifted from the circumstances to the “Sovereign Lord.” Seems Asaph immediately recognized upon worshiping that nothing takes the Lord by surprise. All circumstances must essentially be approved by Him before they can even happen. Oh, how I want a heart like that! Just worship! My attitude will change as I focus on Him.

      Isaiah 6 is a great read! I love how worship shook the place, and I love how the Lord purified Isaiah. It’s a great picture of how we, too, can mature from “woe to me” to “Here I am, send me.” A part of me connected with that.

      Daily Praise:
      Lord, I can honestly say I have seen your glory both in the sanctuary and in the desert. There is nowhere I can go without your presence. Psalm 73:28 resonated with me. During my desert experience, I encountered you in such a way that I never want to go back to my old ways again. I desire to daily walk in the fullness of your spirit. Lord, you are good, and your love endures forever.

      Daily Surrender:
      Lord, you know I desire to walk in the fullness of your Spirit. Then, something happens and I feel like I'm knocked off the track. Help me keep my eyes on you in all circumstances. As you know, my husband and I are about to make a major change soon. We know the transition is going to be painful for us and possibly for some others. However, we know you are already ahead of us, and have prepared the way for us. I’m nervous about the transition, but I am confident in the destination. Help us walk with integrity during this difficult transition.
      Melanie Siewert, Christ's Servant
      BLOG: http://www.worshipvanguard.blogspot.com


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        1. Central Passages
        If true worship changes us, then most of what we call "worship" isn't. Most Christians spend an hour each week at the "worship service", where the leader implores them to worship. And most people leave the service essentially unchanged. This is sad commentary, indeed, but it should stand as a wake-up call for all of us. Does our worship change us? If it doesn't, then we shouldn't expect others to be changed. But if we are consistently experiencing God-sent change, however small it may be, then those we minister to will be led to experience life-changing worship themselves. (We will look at that concept in a few weeks in this study.)

        We were given three vivid scriptural examples of worship-induced change, so we know it can happen for us and our churches, too. And in that thought there is hope.

        2. Daily praise
        I will tell a story of change in my life, for which God rightly gets all the glory.
        A dozen years ago, I was part of one of Integrity Music's worship seminars. At this seminar we had a concert by Don Moen, who led us in worship through song and scripture for two and a half hours. And I worshipped God like I had never done before.
        I returned to my hotel room, got ready for bed, and began thanking God for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful evening. God spoke to me, very quietly, but plainly, "It's time." I knew exactly what he meant. For all of my adult life, I had been held in bondage to sinful practice I will refer to as "the Pit." (Think of the worst thing you can come up with, and you will probably be close.)
        I fell on my face and begged God to take it from me. I don't know for how long , but I didn't stop until I was completely spent, physically and emotionally. Then I was enveloped with the greatest sense of peace I had ever felt.

        Did that event change me? Yes, definitely. There have been times I have looked back at the Pit, and a few times I have jumped back in. But I am no longer bound. I have been set free. And nobody but the Lord God Almighty could have broken the chains that had bound me.

        3. Daily Surrender
        God, I can never thank you enough for that defining moment in my life, and the change that has come as a result. But I confess that there are still many things in my life that are not what they should be. So in my personal and corporate worship, keep this thought at the front of my mind: True worship will change me. Let me be changed, little by little, each time I worship you, until There is nothing false or evil in me.


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          Central Passage

          This is one of my favorite passages of Isaiah because of the well known, "Here I am, send me!" I can't imagine being so downtrodden, down hearted, and having such a swift change of heart. I don't think that's ever happened to me...but then again, I've never had a seraphim fly down from heaven and touch a coal to my lips! Can you imagine?

          Daily Praise

          There have been a few times in our worship services in the past month where I just completely felt the Spirit and almost broke down (I wasn't leading.) It's like the Spirit just envelopes you and you can't do anything but let the tears roll down your face and feel. Tomin's "I Will Rise" was played at my husband's grandfather's memorial, and our church also played it on Easter. This was one of those times. It doesn't matter if there are hundreds of people surrounding you...all that you can do is let the Holy Spirit take you.

          Daily Surrender

          I've been convicted about my innermost thoughts and reactions to situations. Stubbing my toe, times of stress...I think if no one hears my grumblings and sometimes cursing (!) I'm okay. But God hears, and He is not pleased. So help me, Lord, to cleanse myself of these little fits of anger and immaturity, and help me to glorify you on the inside and out. With you all things are possible.

          1. This first week of readings was a wonderful start to an exciting look at what the Bible has to say about worship and praise. I'm excited! But what stuck out to me most were the posts..."talking" to and "listening" to friends discuss praise, worship, and to hear their confessions was very uplifting. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks.

          2. My favorite day was Day 4. It helped me to see thanksgiving in a whole new light. To give praise in the desert place is hard to remember but invaluable all the same.

          3. The most challenging day was the one I missed! Day 3...although I did do the reading.

          Well, that's it for me until I get my book. I ordered it on Monday, so I hope it gets here soon. Until then, blessings!
          All that hath life and breath, praise ye the Lord!
          In His Name,



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            Originally posted by InHisName View Post
            Well, that's it for me until I get my book. I ordered it on Monday, so I hope it gets here soon. Until then, blessings!
            No worries, just jump back in when you get it (if it's not here by Monday)!
            Associate Director of Worship & Media at St. Simons Community Church .He is also the content curator and editor here at The Worship Community.


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              When I posted on Friday, I forgot the part about the general review of week 1. I liked Day 4 because I finally came to understand the meaning of a "sacrifice of praise".
              Day 5 hit hard, because we learned that true worship changes us, and I had to conclude that most of what I have considered worship did not change me, so it wasn't true worship.

              I really enjoy getting on here and reading how God spoke to each of us differently while reading the same thing. God is amazing! I learn just as much from the blogs as from the lesson, most days.


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                The Transforming Power of Worship

                Sorry I'm so late to the party! Got the first 4 days last week, but missed this one.

                1. Central Passage
                - I love how he gave these three examples of how people were changed while in a worship setting. Isiah 6 is one of my favorite passages about worship, and the change is so clear. Worship is so much more than singing songs!

                2. My Daily Praise
                - I would agree with Ryan, and say that the worship times at the All About Worship Retreat last May were the most memorable and powerful times in the last year. There was something special about that time as we were gathered with other worship leaders, led by other worship leaders that was special. God showed up, and we left changed!

                3. My Daily Surrender
                - Lord, you have shown me that I need to commit our finances to you. You know that we cannot do it on our own. I surrender that area to you. Please change my lack of faith.