Discussion and Resources


Hey Everyone,

This is a quick notice from the “Publisher’s Press” about a couple of things I’d like to draw your attention to.  I’ll make it quick!

1.  Multiple Styles to One Style
There is an excellent discussion brewing over in the forums.  Seems user “lemleroy” is in a church of 2500+ that has been doing a lot of different worship services, each with it’s own style.  They are prayerfully considering moving all these different “styles” into services with one format … to bring the generations together.  Jump over and offer your insights.

2.  Pure Praise:  A Heart-Focused Bible Study on Worship

Dwayne Moore of Next Level Worship is offering a free copy of their Bible Study on worship called “Pure Praise”.  I met Dwayne out at the National Worship Leader Conference in Austin, TX this Summer.  He’s a great guy with a true teacher’s heart.

This free offer is for a limited time only, so go over and check it out.

That’s about it for this week … thanks for reading and sharing the content here at TheWorshipCommunity.Com!