Christmas Resources for Worship Leaders


Chris Vacher from has a great round-up of Christmas-oriented worship resources.


If you’re not already up to your eyeballs in Christmas, it won’t be long! Just like Sunday comes every week, Christmas comes every year and we have this incredible opportunity of welcoming people into our churches for Advent, Sundays leading up to Christmas, Christmas Eve services and maybe even a Christmas Day service.

Of course the story we tell and the songs we sing at Christmas better be focused directly on the birth of Jesus, the arrival of the Messiah, the incarnation of God Himself but how we present that story and invite people to engage with it can be a challenge.

Over the years I’ve learned to leverage every creative option available to me at Christmas to help create one beautiful moment of worship in our services. It’s easy to let the lyrics of all-too-familiar Christmas songs just whiz by (don’t get me started talking about the Hark The Herald Angels Sing lyric – “Hail the heav’n born prince of peace / Hail the Sun of Righteousness”) and yet there is depth, beauty, history, promise and emotion wrapped up in these songs and stories.

Christmas is without a doubt the easiest time of year to invite people to church. They are much more likely to say yes to an invitation to a Christmas Eve service than at any other time of year. What I’ve done here is to gather together some resources to help you plan before, during and after your Christmas services to have the maximum impact possible in the lives of people you are trying to reach.

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