Carlos Whittaker’s EP Release with Blog Tour


Blogger.  Worship Leader.  Songwriter.  Creative Guru.  Web/Social Networking Pro.

Now, Integrity Music Artist.

Carlos Whittaker (aka “Los”) of RagamuffinSoul.Com has launched his first “EP” today from Integrity Music.  He’s teamed up with producer Jason Ingram and other writers such as Mia Fieldes and Phillip Larue to crank out 3 power songs for the church.

“Jesus Saves”, “Rain It Down” and “We Will Worship You”.

To kickoff the exciting release of this anticipated album, Integrity Music has teamed up with 3 bloggers to host a “blog tour”.  Each day will feature a song with free lyrics and leadsheet downloads.

Day 1, January 26:  Hear “Jesus Saves” right now at  FredMcKinnon.Com
Day 2, January 27:  Hear “Rain it Down” at  Klampert.Com
Day 3, January 28:  Hear “We Will Worship You” at  ChrisFromCanada.Com

Checkout each of these blogs and hear the tunes.

Ready to buy the 3-Song EP and digital booklet today?  Pick it up for $2.99 on iTunes.