Calvary Covers It All


The single Calvary from Hillsong Live’s upcoming album in July is available for free download (below).

From the Hillsong Live website:

“Whilst Jesus is always at the centre of all we do as a church, at Easter time this is especially so. This year we’ve already begun our special focus on His incredible grace. Reuben Morgan and Jonas Myrin have written a beautiful song that has focused our hearts and worship on all that Christ’s death at Calvary accomplished. We’ve been singing it in our services and it’s been such a unifying expression of the grace and forgiveness found in the cross.”

From the Hillsong Live Calvary Youtube Video Description:

“The lyrics to this song depict so beautifully the grace and mercy that we find at the foot of the cross of Christ – the day our Saviour paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Yet, ‘beauty’ was nowhere to be found on the day Jesus died.

The Bible tells us that the sky darkened as the Roman soldiers cast lots beneath the cross. That as Jesus suffered – bruised and bleeding on death’s door – the open wounds from His beating and the deep gashes from the crown on His head, were a horrific sight to behold.

In the midst of His suffering, it was on that cross and in that moment that Heaven and Earth collided — that Jesus committed His Spirit into the hands of His Heavenly Father and that the Kingdom of Heaven invaded our earthly kingdom on a hill called Calvary. We recognize the work of salvation that Jesus did on the cross, celebrate the gift of salvation and the miracle of His resurrection.”

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