Broken Vessels

A while back, as I was driving to church, I was having a long conversation with the Lord. I told Him how much I felt like a broken vessel that morning. The past week had been an emotionally and physically challenging one for me and I had struggled a lot with myself–feeling like such a failure in so many ways and really battling a depression/oppression.
As I told Him how broken I felt, I felt Him say to me,

“Vanessa, what did the woman with the alabaster jar have to do with the jar in order to anoint Jesus?”

I replied, “She had to break the jar.”

He gently reminded me that the fragrance of worship that she poured out on Jesus came from being a broken vessel.

She was broken in many ways, and yet her offering of worship and adoration came out of her brokenness. She was despised and rejected by those in the room that she dared to enter. She was an outcast in society because of her past. She took her hair down in public and used it to not only wipe, but to clean the feet of Jesus. Everything she did was socially unacceptable, and yet Jesus accepted her lavish offering of love and worship.

Are we willing to be broken vessels? Are we willing to break out of our preconceived ideas of what worship should or shouldn’t be in order to really lavish our love on Him? Are we willing to break out of the things that are confining us? Are we willing to be broken to spill forth the fragrance of worship?

Later that morning, during our intercessory prayer time, God gave me a visual to go with what He had spoken—I saw people confined in clay vessels–big clay jars–and then I saw them breaking out of those vessels. He spoke to me that there is freedom in the breaking.

As I shared this vision with the intercessors, I began to sense a breakthrough–freedom in brokenness–and then I began to sing a prophetic song about breakthrough. What I didn’t know was that one of the dance / flag people was waving the flag of breakthrough over me while I sang. Without my even knowing it, God used me to sing breakthrough into the heavenlies.

Broken vessels cannot hold anything–they have to give out what is poured into them–

Broken vessel worship allows that which God pours into you to flow out into people–so as He pours out love, you dispense love. When He pours out peace, you dispense peace. When He pours out grace and mercy, you get to pour the same out. What a blessing!!!!!!!!!

God–I ask that you would keep me, keep us,  as  broken vessels before You so that we will always be those who dispense whatever You give for the day. Amen