Book Review: The Sacred Journey


Thanks to Lori Biddle for providing this book review for The Worship Community.

This is a Book Review on the book The Sacred Journey by Charles Foster. I liked it, I liked it very much!

Never had I considered that we were perhaps created to wander.

As I began to read, I realized there is example after example of wandering people favored by God over those who built large empires or business. It is so easy as an American to assume bigger means better. I came to realize that is not necessarily true.

“The accounts of Jesus’ life are geographically very explicit.” He had said, “Follow me.” I just had never taken this as literally as the book challenged me to.

Charles wrote the following, “The penalty for wanting to be a settler is that you become one.” How profound! We settle – in so many ways.

It was ironic that I read this book right before going to Cambodia where I will have the privilege of serving orphans, I have never been out of the country except on a cruise ship. Shame on me. My son recently said to me, “prepare to have your American bubble broken”… This book was the first step in that process.

I would recommend this book to anyone willing to consider that the ‘American Dream’ is the very thing keeping all of us from really making the impact on our world that God desires from us.

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