[Review] The Blue Mountain Worship Sessions Live



What do you get when you put 6 worship leaders in a mountain cabin armed with a few car loads of gear, a room mic, a vocal mic, and seven pounds of London broil steak? You get The Blue Mountain Worship Sessions, that’s what you get.

In the beginning of 2013, worship pastor and creative, Joel Klampert was trying to find that “whisper” in his life again so he invited a few of his AMAZING friends to get together to worship, eat steak, and seek God.

Recorded live from a small hunting cabin in beautiful upstate New York, The Blue Mountain Worship Sessions is a raw and gritty project that forgoes a costly studio set up and weeks of post-over-production and carries the listener right to the heart of the project: real live worship. Fans of Enter The Worship Circle will really enjoy this project.

From the press release:

Joel Klampert, William Doney (recording artist), Al Dancy (Youth Pastor), Bill Kunkel (Worship Leader), Michael Mahoney (Pastor), and Ed Rotheram (UK Worship Leader) all converged in the mountains and entered their “CAVE” to seek God together.

They worshiped for MANY HOURS.

This is a recording of only a portion of that time of worship. It is raw. It is not studio quality. It is 6 men seeking to hear the groan of the Holy Spirit come out from within. They are releasing this with the prayer that it brings others deeper into the throne room of God.

Our Thoughts:

We LOVE the idea of real and raw. A gritty, real life set-up to capture the heartbeat of a moment, of a gathering, of a worship service really excites us at The Worship Community. Of course, we love the big label studio-quality albums and mega-live-worship recordings too, but there is something special about a group of people getting together with what they’ve got and capturing that moment.

In this youtube-smartphone, generation folks are used to “every day” oriented content. How could we not LOVE this project?

Well, we do! Here’s a few thoughts:

  • The music is warm and inviting. We can just imagine ourselves crammed in that tiny hunting lodge singing our hearts out in worship to God as the snow falls all around us.
  • The vocals are raw and real. No auto-tune or pitch correction here. What you hear is what actually happened in that moment. And we love it!
  • We love that this is a gathering of worshippers from several different places (one even came in from overseas!).
  • One of our favorite songs is the bluegrass version of 10,000 Reasons. You’ll love it too! Be inspired!
  • It’s free on noisetrade! Get it! Please consider tipping as well to help cover the cost of using some of the well-known songs on the album.

Charts available here: http://www.williamdoney.com/music/charts/doney/BlueMountainWorshipSessions

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